Growth mindset

Do you have a Growth Mindset?

At Azul Arc, one of our core values is around embracing a growth mindset. Over the years, we’ve had the benefit of working with a variety of companies, and the ones that have this mindset do far better in implementing strategies, adapting to change, and getting things done. These reasons, among others, are why we’ve embraced this approach from our very inception.

Dr. Heidi Grant from Columbia University defines a ‘Growth Mindset’ as one which is about working on getting smarter than yourself. The focus is on improving yourself, developing skills, performing better than you did before, and viewing change as a challenge. In contrast, a ‘Fixed Mindset’ is about proving you’re smarter than others. The focus here is on proving yourself, demonstrating skills, performing better than others, preferring what is known and viewing change more as a threat. Richard Branson notes that:

“All too often, talented people have fixed mindsets and are unwilling or unable to make the necessary changes to improve. When that happens, ideas stagnate, businesses stop growing, people stop learning.

Most of us have characteristics of both a growth and a fixed mindset, and we react to specific situations using one or the other. The key is to spend the majority of our time thinking with a growth mindset, as this has profound, positive implications for both our performance and our organization’s performance. People with a growth mindset continually work on improving themselves and those around them by asking questions and regarding failure as an opportunity to learn.

An organization with a growth mindset embraces new ideas and views challenges as opportunities to develop and grow. Thoughtful risk taking is encouraged (understanding that not all risks pan out). This point of view is dynamic, one in which success is achieved by being proactive and iterative – where we learn by doing, collaborating, and keeping an open mind. Ideas and issues are openly reviewed as creative friction, obstacles and mistakes help us become better.

The benefits of a growth mindset are many. As an organization, these include superior performance, creativity, innovation, and resilience. As an individual, they include higher levels of well-being, trust and engagement within your organization.

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