Service Excellence – The Next Level

Talk about a partnership! After our team did a service excellence workshop with Performance Solutions by Design, we were excited to get involved with them again by creating their new Service Excellence App. You can now support your organization’s staff by providing bite-sized topics that establish a strong service culture.

Azul Arc Hosts Arte17 Jewelry Exhibition

Azul Arc, a Web Interactive Firm, hosted the Arte17 Jewelry Show at their Atlanta office showcasing Alexandra Cardona’s latest work. Alexandra revealed bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, with her patented South American twist shown in all her handcrafted jewelry.

The 6 Criteria for Effective Development

Thanks for reading The 6 Criteria for Effective Development. We’ve posted the article on our Facebook page, and we’d love to hear your feedback there – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Azul-Arc-International/67554782539 . You can keep up-to-date on technology news and our latest projects through our Facebook Page.

Google Releases Google Glass Video with Social Media Contest #ifihadglass

With all this talk about the Apple’s iWatch, Google released a video today that shows just what Google Glass can do.

Google Glass will let users share videos, pictures, and live stream with friends. Glass can also translate your voice into other languages, let you know if your flight is delayed, and give you the temperature outside.

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3 Ways Facebook Graph Search Can Help Your Small Business

Sure, Graph Search can help you pick your next favorite Italian hole-in-the-wall, or which movie your friends think is a must see this coming weekend. But what does this mean for your business? Are you missing the boat when it comes to using this tool to its full potential? Take a look below and use these three tips to help your company grow in the new era of search.

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