Invest in UX Research, Avoid Costly Mistakes

UX Research is a critical component for any business trying to better understand their customers. It aims to define “the who” (i.e. who are the adopters of your product) and “the what” (i.e. what problem are you solving for them?). Information gathered from UX research informs design decisions through the entire product life cycle.

westside Food Guide

Azul Arc’s Official Guide to Restaurants in the Westside

There’s nothing we love more than going out for lunch together as a team. Our location in West Midtown enables us to try various restaurants in the area. Here’s a guide of our team favorites depending on the occasion.

5 Steps for Building an Agile Product Roadmap

5 Steps for Building an Agile Product Roadmap

Product roadmaps are long-term product development plans, which require leadership to define their business goals and articulate a strategy for achieving them. Effective product roadmaps align stakeholders by supporting business objectives and product strategy.

Our experience with a hybrid workspace

Our Experience with a Hybrid Workspace

We know you’ve heard it before and seen a stream of articles on hybrid, remote and other forms of work these days. So now it’s about “real world” experiences and here’s ours – what worked for us and what didn’t!
Throughout the pandemic, we’ve followed an approach of being safe and smart and had our share of false

can you keep up

Can You Keep Up?

Is your app growing faster than you can keep up with? You’re not alone. Many startups face this issue at some point. Here is how to develop an app with scaling in mind: When building an app, it’s important to think about how the app will scale. This means considering things like how the app will handle increased traffic, how it will store data, and how it will manage resources.

Value Innovation

Value Innovation: It’s time to re-imagine your company.

In today’s business world, the conventional wisdom is that companies must compete at the margin for incremental market share. But what if there was a better way? What if there was a way to achieve market dominance by offering a tremendous leap in value? This is the power of value innovation.

Growth Mindset

The Importance of a Growth Mindset Workplace

Creating a “Growth Mindset” culture is one of the core values at Azul Arc. We strive to incorporate this methodology in our hiring process and everyday practices. In this post, hear from one of our team members, Sam Hartz, on what it means to have a Growth Mindset.

Object Oriented Design

An Introduction to Object Oriented UX

What makes a good user experience? Whether you’re an experienced design professional or purely a user, you can sense the quality of a website’s or app’s User Experience (UX). It’s great when the answers to all of these questions are ‘yes’, but the frustration a user feels

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