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Announcing inSITE v1.5

n our line of work, there is no such thing as a final product. When you label anything as final, you are essentially saying that there is no reason to improve upon it; that it is the best it will ever be. How different would the world look now if Steve Wozniak had adopted this mindset after the first Apple computer hit shelves?

Delivering a Five Star Service Experience

Delivering a Five Star Service Experience

We’re no strangers to air travel. With clients across states and team members in multiple countries, hopping on a plane every few weeks to hash out business plans is just par for the course. Like many companies in our position, we have experienced the good and the bad (and sometimes downright terrible) aspects that come with frequent flying.

The True Cost of Poor Communication

The True Cost of Poor Communication

What is the true cost of poor communication? A few hours worth of extra work? Money down the drain? How effectively we relay information is more important to the success of our endeavors than you might think. Just take a page from NASA’s book: In 1999, a $125 million Mars orbiter was sent into space and promptly lost forever.


4 Benefits of Adopting a Collaborative Workspace

A few months ago we decided to adopt a tool called Podio in the hopes that it would take us from “a fairly well organized company” to “the company upon which all organizational standards are based.” (We were aiming high.) Curious as to what these benefits are? Read on to find out.


Creating a Website Your Audience Will Love

Flashy is perfect for Broadway and Vegas, but when it comes to designing a credible website for your business, bigger and better is not necessarily worth the investment. According to a consumer survey performed by the sales and marketing gurus over at Hubspot, 76% of survey participants ranked ease of use


Why We Use Buckets to Price Our Projects

Hourly billing is top dog in the world of service pricing, but has it earned its stripes from being the most effective approach or because it’s what has always been done? It certainly makes sense to bill by the hour for more condensed projects (think typical auto repair jobs). On the other hand, you wouldn’t expect to pay by the hour


Azul Arc Takes On SouthWiRED 2014

October has been a busy month for the Azul Arc Atlanta team as we balance our regular tasks with outside events. Our latest adventure? The 5th Annual SouthWiRED Conference (previously Digital Atlanta). This week-long gathering had so many amazing speaker sessions and topics that we had to divide and conquer just to touch on a few!


Up In Arms Over App Conversions? PhoneGap Can Help

It’s open source, it’s free, and it’s saved us from more than one stress-induced headache. Meet PhoneGap, the app-building framework that helps eliminate the need for time intensive (and often expensive) platform conversions.

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How to Prep for Your Next Website Deployment

In the digital world, deployment refers to the action of moving a website from a private workspace over to a live, publically viewable domain. It is a crucial step in the project process, as weeks of design and development can instantly be put to waste by errors made during the last few hours of deployment.

HackBack Showcase

Recap: Mobility Live’s First Annual Hack-Back Invitational

Roughly one month ago, the Technology Association of Georgia (in partnership with Mobility Live!) kicked off its first annual Hack-Back Invitational. Twenty teams representing over a dozen different Atlanta-based agencies — including us! — took up the challenge of creating everything from responsive websites to augmented reality installations for three amazing local nonprofit organizations.

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