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Don’t Leave Employee Engagement Up To Chance

Imagine having a platform that not only encourages, but also measures employee engagement! A new class of social enterprise platforms have emerged that act as a medium to reveal valuable information that is buried in email and hallway conversations. They allow your teams to have all the data at their disposal to make informed decisions.

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Open Positions at Azul Arc India

Our India office is hiring! We are currently looking to hire several full-time Software Developers at our Mumbai, India location. Our ideal candidate is an energetic professional with proven interpersonal skills. They must be able to communicate effectively, take initiative and work efficiently with others.

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inSiTE Sponsors Top Sales Conference

inSITE v2.0 is all set to officially launch at the annual Sales Management Conference here in Atlanta, GA! We are thrilled to be a sponsor at the this year’s Sales Management Association conference that will take place from the 12th-14th of October at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta.

Now Hiring

Now Hiring: Accounting and Office Administrative Assistant

We are currently looking to fill a part-time position for an entry to associate level accounting and office administrative assistant at our Atlanta location. This position will require you to be on-site a minimum of three days a week, three hours per day. Our ideal candidate is an energetic professional

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What Is a Sprint? Building Digital Products the Agile Way

Scrum is an agile project management framework that takes complex projects and splits them up into smaller, more manageable increments called sprints. Each of our sprints is a two week period and prioritizes the completion of essential features first before moving on to the next sprint.

Why We Use AngularJS

Why We Use AngularJS

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is one of those popular sayings that we really love to hate on, because it takes the idea of innovation and tosses it aside in favor of acceptance. (One might even say laziness.) It asks, “Why would you want to change something that is working just fine?”


6 Steps to Building a Company Culture

Cultivating a professional atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and motivated is an important cornerstone in a long lasting business. It directly affects team morale, work ethic, and job retention, and is something that we have made a top priority over the years.

How Visual Composer is Changing Post-Launch Development

How Visual Composer is Changing Post-Launch Development

2015 marks our 10th anniversary as a company, and to celebrate the occasion we are going all in on a fabulous makeover….for our website, of course. Every redesign is a chance to look back on past mistakes (let’s just call them “opportunities”)

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Not Using WordPress? Why You’re Missing Out

Let’s skip the ordered lists for this one and get straight to the good stuff:

The number one reason we encourage business owners to invest in a WordPress website over any other is ease of use. Not everyone is a seasoned developer, and not everyone has the resources to pay one to update

Spam Protection

Spam Protection Options

Investing in spam protection is a must for every website to ensure both the security and reputation of your personal brand or business. We have tested out several spam protection options over the years on behalf of our clients, and wanted to share an overview of each one here to help you choose the right fit for your needs.

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