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UX and Strategy

Whether it’s a new idea, an opportunity ready to explore, or a problem with an existing product, our UX/UI Design team in Atlanta will work with you to determine the best strategy that meets both your business’ and users’ goals.

Using our established frameworks and technical expertise, our UX/UI designers collaborate with you to create designs that drive action and solve the right problems.

Simply put, we know what it takes to design a successful digital product. Whenever you are ready to, our team will be too.

UX and Strategy

UX and Strategy Process

Research & Define
This preliminary step gives our team an understanding of you, your needs, your competition, your customers, and the problem your product is trying to solve. Using methods like user research, stakeholder interviews, and market analysis, our team helps define your target customers and their needs, wants and pain points.
Breaking Down Complexity
Using the Object Oriented User Experience Design (OOUX) framework, our designers are able to break down complex systems by focusing on the core components or “objects” and how they relate and interact with each other. This establishes the foundation for a product which more closely resembles how your customers experience things in the real world.
At this point, our design team can begin to think about how we will solve the problem at hand and how it will be visually represented. This is the first step in the design process where solutions are considered. Expect plenty of white boarding, crumpled paper, and healthy debates.
Wireframes & Prototypes
This is where the ideas come to life! Using inputs from our research and the OOUX framework, sticky notes and sketches begin to transform into realistic wireframes and clickable prototypes.
A key stage throughout the entire software development lifecycle, testing allows us to stack our designs against real world situations. Using clickable prototypes or wireflows, we work with you and your stakeholders to get as much feedback as possible.

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