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Unleashing the Power of APIs: A Guide to Third-Party Service Integration in Web Development

In the evolving landscape of web development, developers search for innovative ways to enhance their applications. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) — which enable seamless communication between software applications — have emerged as powerful tools for achieving that. Using APIs to integrate third-party services into your web platform can transform your product and elevate your offerings.  …

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How Azul Arc can Help Increase your Sales

In today’s digital age, having a strong online and optimized presence is essential for businesses of all sizes and industries. A well-designed website or app can help attract new customers and increase sales by providing a convenient and engaging way for people to learn about and purchase products or services from your business.

Invest in UX Research, Avoid Costly Mistakes

UX Research is a critical component for any business trying to better understand their customers. It aims to define “the who” (i.e. who are the adopters of your product) and “the what” (i.e. what problem are you solving for them?). Information gathered from UX research informs design decisions through the entire product life cycle.

PHP 7.2

What You Need to Know About PHP 7.2

Everyone will tell you that your website should look up-to-date, but are your plugins and coding language updated? Aside from keeping up with technology trends, keeping your coding language is important. Updating PHP will improve the speed and security of your site, important for things such as SEO and user experience.


Azul Arc Joins Clutch’s Research of Top Ranked Developers in Atlanta

Having been in the technology industry for over a decade now, the Azul Arc team has refined and perfected our talents in custom software development, mobile development and UX/UI design. We’ve created many strong partnerships over the years, and we’ve been consistently proud of the level of quality we deliver time and time again.

user focused design tools

User-Focused Design with Card Sorting

From websites to mobile and business applications with a user-focused design, one of the building blocks is information architecture. No matter what your digital project is, it is imperative that the end user find what they are looking for in the place they expect it to be. Card Sorting is a user-focused tool

Davey Awards Equity Estates RFCI

Azul Arc Wins Davey Awards with Equity Estates and RFCI!

We are thrilled to announce that Azul Arc received 3 Davey Awards on behalf of our clients! These are awarded to digital firms who thrive on BIG ideas. Our team has loved working with the Equity Estates team to develop a website for those who want to vacation in style.

Mobile-first design

Mobile App Design Review | Cake Browser

We have a plethora of browser apps on the market, and the last thing we need is more mobile apps that essentially do the same thing. Search browsers have a pretty standard format with a search bar and list of results. I know what you’re thinking; what’s wrong with following industry standards?

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