Azul Arc Celebrates Their 10 Year Anniversary in Style

Azul Arc Celebrates Their 10 Year Anniversary in Style

Atlanta-based, digital design and development company, Azul Arc, creates and innovates with a passion fueled by a hardworking team motivated by new challenges. When generating groundbreaking digital products with an emphasis on easy, Azul Arc’s workforce is inspired to think creatively, not routinely. In celebrating their 10 year anniversary, they’ve decided to do something remarkable to create a closer team of innovators in the US and India—a trip to Balaram Palace!

Azul Arc’s Atlanta team flew to India and celebrated with a company-wide retreat. Balaram Palace is a graceful manifestation of neoclassical and baroque architectural style tucked away in the mountains, making it an ideal spot for unwinding and connecting with others.  During the team’s three day stay, everyone seized the opportunity to interact with each individual on a deeper level. Whether it was sharing a camel ride, being on competing volleyball teams, or dancing to the traditional music of that region, it gave them perspective on how people from different cultures can be so much alike.

The Atlanta team worked in the  Mumbai office before the trip to Palanpur. The days were filled with team working sessions and Scrum training. With the help of inSITE they were able to focus on key areas of improvement within the agile methodology and complete a comprehensive training course in just a few days. One of Azul Arc’s primary objectives is to dissolve the physical boundaries between the two teams.

The Azul Arc team knows by experience that a strong company culture with creative thinkers results in much better products and services. Azul Arc’s dedication to both its employees and its customers shines through employee enthusiasm. “I\’m so thankful to be part of a team with such amazing people. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a creative, driven, and diverse team allowing us to overcome the traditional boundaries and come up with the most beautifully innovative solutions possible for our clients,\” says Morgan Woodbury, Business Development Manager.

The team came back to Atlanta feeling completely invigorated and armed with new ideas.  Although Azul Arc’s team isn’t always together, they work as if they’ve never been apart.  As Lily Leung once said, “Home is where the heart is, and my heart is wherever I am at the moment.”

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