3 Simple Tactics to Boost Sales Productivity

3 Simple Tactics to Boost Sales Productivity

We are in an exciting time where enterprise applications are changing the way organizations communicate. Well designed technologies not only impact your sales performance, it makes selling more fun- who doesn’t want that?  We all have goals set- some we set for ourselves, and others are set for us by corporate.  There are a million “life hacks” out there to help you get more down and and ultimately achieve your goals. At the end of the day, the best life hack is to arm yourself and your sales team with the best new tools out there. Let’s dive into just a few ways these new social enterprise applications are invigorating the workforce and helping employees to get more done!

Three key strategies to Blast Past Your Competition (while having a blast)!  

1. Empowering Sales and Marketing Teams

One recurring attribute of successful companies is their alignment of the sales and marketing teams.  When key information isn\’t lost in translation between sales and marketing teams then both teams win! Having a tough time making this a reality? Try embracing a collaborative virtual workspace (AKA “Sales Enablement Cloud”) that encourages both teams to work together and leverage each other’s strengths versus battling against them. When there is a transparency like this within an organization, mutual respect is more naturally created.

2. Revamp onboarding and training

When is the last time your company added a new product, feature, or service offering to your portfolio?  If you are like so many other companies in this age of change then it wasn’t too long ago.  This constant change unfortunately often leaves our sales reps underprepared to properly answer critical questions that potential clients ask. Beyond that, it can be tough for new reps to know exactly how to position their offering based on the level contact they are pitching to.The simplest solution here is to embrace a culture of continuous learning.  Rather than shoving a bulging binder of information into a new hire’s trembling hands and sending them on their way, break the information up into digestible bites. While you’re at it, ditch the binder! Go green and share knowledge with your team via a mobile app so they don’t have to break their back every time they want to reference the company’s sales playbook.

3. Take a Look at Existing Sales Tools

Let’s be honest, changing existing routines is tough- especially for a larger organization! So many companies fail because they are unwilling or simply don’t know how to adjust to change.  Sure, sales enablement technologies can make teams more productive, but how do we make sure these tools are effectively adopted?  Lucky for you, newer technologies are being designed with the end user in mind, making adopting new technologies easier than ever.

Commit to upgrading your technology and you’ll be amazed at how simple rolling out a new software company wide can be when you partner with the right company!

Investing in communication tools, modern training techniques, and onboarding processes will vastly boost your productivity. We’ve been specialising in easy to use technologies for sales and marketing for the last decade.  Drop us a note here and we’ll help you push the easy button.

inSITE is a perfect example of software that allows you to reach your goals by bridging the gap between your sales and marketing teams.

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