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Azul Arc Wins 2020 Davey Award for Web Design

The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts has announced the 16th Annual Davey Awards Winners, and we’re extremely proud to have been chosen as one of them amongst the 2000+ entries!

This year, Azul Arc received a 2020 Silver Davey Award for Best Visual Appeal/ Aesthetic for our work on Vector Global Logistics’ website.

More on Vector Global

Vector Global Logistics is a leader in the logistics industry. Our Azul Arc team completed a transformative redesign on Vector Global’s  webiste that would allow them to highlight their expertise with a visually-appealing, easy to navigate and highly interactive website design. We enhanced the user experience using clear CTAs (Calls To Action) and visual elements that guide users through the purchasing process in an expedited manner. We also made use of state-of-the-art videos and micro-interactions to make for a memorable user experience.

Read more about our work on Vector Global‘s website here.

More on The Davey Awards

The Davey Awards are “the largest and most prestigious awards competition exclusively for the ‘Davids’ of creativity.” This allusion to the David and Goliath myth recognizes the achievements of ‘Davids:’ smaller companies who derive their strength not from their unlimited budgets, but rather from their amazing ideas.

The Davey Award winners are selected by members of the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) after careful revision of all 2000+ entries. The AIVA is a membership-based organization composed of leading visual arts professionals with vast experience in the field.

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