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4 Key Steps to Building a Successful Mobile App

With a total of 50 million apps being downloaded every day, one in four downloaded mobile apps is never used and discarded. 90% fail due to poor performance and design. With such drastic statistics, developing a mobile app may seem like a daunting task. Yet the importance of mobile in today’s world is undeniable.

So what are the successful 10% doing differently? The answer lies in great execution. We’ve detailed  4 key steps here that you can easily implement to move your app to the 10%.

  1. Purpose – Solve a specific problem

    Keep it simple and start with one good solution. Don’t waste time and money on new features that end up confusing the user and making the app feel cluttered. New features will reveal themselves naturally as users begin interacting with your app.

  2. User Experience – Design a solution for your users and test it

    Nothing substitutes an elegant and engaging app experience to drive usage and retention. Always start with a user-centric approach – define who your users are, their needs and what solution would work specifically for them. Don’t assume you know what’s best for your user. Test your approach to make sure you’re really meeting their needs.

  3. Keep it contextual- Make content and features relevant to your user

    Visualize your user’s physical location while using your app. This will give you important insights, such as what information is relevant to them, when it should appear and how. Making your app easy to use in context will ensure that it is actually used.

  4. Continuous Delivery –  Always be thinking about your next release!

    No application is ever 100% complete. Plan your mobile app in phases. This keeps your users interested and your technology up-to-date!

Check out our Infographic!

From startups to enterprise customers, we develop custom web and mobile apps.  If you have a business idea or see opportunities to improve a process, we can design the right application for you. Drop us a note here!

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