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User-Focused Design with Card Sorting

From websites to mobile and business applications with a user-focused design, one of the building blocks is information architecture. No matter what your digital project is, it is imperative that the end user find what they are looking for in the place they expect it to be. Card Sorting is a user-focused tool that we often use when designing out solutions for our clients.

The basis of card sorting is to allow the user to sort information in a way that makes the most sense to them. The great thing about card sorting is that it is a simple and quick way to get immediate user feedback. You can implement this with a pack of post-it notes, or you can go paperless and use an online tool.

While working on on of our mobile apps, VinoApp, we were tasked with improving the navigation and user journey throughout the app. We quickly implemented card sorting user research with an online tool called Optimal Workshop. With about 20 minutes of setup time, this tool allowed us to create “cards” that represented all of the content in the app. We then asked our virtual focus group to sort and label cards into groups, giving us insight on what was going to be intuitive for users.

With little effort, the tool generated a visual dendrogram that plotted the user paths and highlighted similarities. We were then able to make an informed decision and implement an improved, user-tested navigation.

Consider how you can use Card Sorting in your own organization. There are a number of practical business uses which are sure to keep the user at the center of your design process!

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