Top 3 Tech Trends in Online Education

The COVID 19 Pandemic only accelerated an already ongoing shift in the educational industry—the one towards online learning. Now, the flexibility, convenience, and potential quality of online education has made it an attractive alternative for many.

Whether your business operates in the educational industry or not, the latter is such a cornerstone element of our society that it impacts all of us one way or the other.

Below are three tech trends in online education and how Azul Arc has worked with our client, iSchool Initiative, on implementing these trends to stay updated and ahead of the curve!

1. Revisit Your Goal/ Purpose

The goal of educating children should be, first and foremost, to give them tools that will help them succeed in the real world. However, this is often overshadowed by traditional approaches that administrators choose to hold on to because they’re ‘the norm.’

In the online education industry landscape, the challenge becomes making sure students are learning to problem solve and not just turning off their cameras to play computer games while their teacher talks. In order to accomplish this, educational institutions can rely on additional online learning platforms such as iSchool, which is also one of Azul Arc’s clients! iSchool’s mission is to create an ecosystem that develops students’, teachers’, and administrators’ problem-solving skills. Azul Arc is helping iSchool bring this holistic learning ecosystem to life by fine-tuning and refreshing their online training platforms.

iSchool online learning platform, User Profile

2. Educate Yourself

No amount of online tools will ever be good enough if those responsible for educating children are not well-versed in the latest teaching techniques. Hence, it is key to provide education not only for children, but also for their teachers. iSchool Initiative’s CEO, Travis Allen, is committed to giving educators the proper training they need to be better at educating their students.

Travis has been a great partner to Azul Arc, challenging both our team and himself to embrace the idea of ongoing education for all. Through his collaborative nature, Travis has allowed us to add a new perspective to his educational systems, thus elevating his company’s practices. It is with this mentality that we’ve helped establish iSchool’s professional development platforms to make sure teachers and other professionals in the field are better equipped to educate their students.

iSchool CEO, Travis Allen

3. Understand Different User Experiences

iSchool’s focus has always centered around giving students a voice. By allowing students to speak up about how they learn best, schools can adapt to fit their needs and deliver the best results. In the space of this growing online learning community, there are numerous opportunities to revamp a school’s systems and platforms to empower students to learn best.

Azul Arc is helping iSchool give its UX an overhaul. In addition, we’re redesigning the  iSchool platform back end to optimize navigation for each user type. When working with them, our team held multiple Discovery sessions to truly understand the distinct user cases and get in the mind of each user type, reflecting their specific needs through the products we create for them.

Interactive learning

By building real world problem-solving skills, educating those that educate, and understanding different user experiences, you can stay at the forefront of the top tech trends in online education!

Make sure to check out iSchool Initiative’s website to read more about their novel approach to education and find opportunities to collaborate with them.

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