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Top 10 Sales Apps for 2017

The days of lugging around a laptop to every meeting are diminishing, and we have the rise of business apps to thank for that. Here are my Top Ten Sales Apps that I use on a regular basis:

1. Bear: Stay organized

If you’re looking to make the switch from Evernote, this is the app for you. The best thing about this app is that it isn’t cluttered with features. The simplicity of the app allows you to focus on your notes and encourages creative thinking with the open white space (I’m also a fan of the default font). If you’re like me and end up scribbling down notes, reminders, and to do lists that are barely legible, then it’s worth giving this free app a try.

2. Keynote: Capture your audience
You’ve finally secured a meeting with your top prospect, now it’s time to ‘wow’ them. There are plenty of presentation apps out there, but Keynote allows you to create the most appealing presentations without spending a ton of time. The new collaboration feature is a game changer, and now you and your colleagues can work together in real time.

3. Circleback: Stay up to date and in touch
You just left a great networking event and you have a handful of cards. If everything goes as planned, you will follow up with your new connections the next day via email and maybe set up a few coffee meetings to connect further. But then what? Circleback allows you to take a picture of the business cards and automatically syncs the data with your address book and CRM. Okay, you’re impressed, but you use a different app for that… wait, there’s more! Circleback continues to refresh the data so you know when contacts change jobs, positions, etc. so you are always up-to-date and connecting with your contacts at a relevant time.

4. Charlie: Part of your pre-call plan
You have a call with a huge prospect in 5 minutes and your day has been nonstop.  What do you do? Option One: Pull the fire alarm. Option Two: Begin furiously “googling.”  Option Three: Read your curated Charlie report over a cup of coffee. I’d go with the latter.  Charlie is your biggest fan and shoots over an email right before your meeting with information on your prospect, his or her company, any common connections you share, and more. This app helps save time on research while allowing you to have a more personal and informed conversation.  Phew!

5. inSITE: Keep your sales process in check
It’s so easy to get lost in the daily grind that you forget about the basics, the ‘why’ behind your brand, and more importantly, your message. inSITE allows you to create and digitize your sales playbook. Even more valuable, social features are built in allowing the sales team to offer feedback so your playbook is always growing and updating with the changing landscape.  If you need help just getting started on your playbook- The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth is an actionable read that I highly recommend.

6. Blinkist: Investing in yourself
Sharpening your mind and skill set is a must to stay ahead and reading is an easy way to do this. The problem is, with so many great books out there it’s impossible to read them all.  Blinkist gives you the “need to know” from all of the best books out there by allowing you to “read a book” in only 15 minutes. Plus, there’s an audio function so you can listen and learn on your commute!

7. Bond: Be personal, be remembered
It’s funny what a big impact the smallest difference can make. A handwritten letter seems to almost be a thing of the past, but Bond is bringing stationary back. We all know you’re busy and don’t have time to stop and buy stamps after every meaningful meeting, but you do have time to type up a quick ‘thank you’ email. Bond magically turns that email into a handwritten card that is sent to your customer, prospect or anyone else, for that matter.

8. Badger Maps: A field rep’s best friend
You just drove 30 minutes to meet with a client and as you pull up, they cancel. Now what?  Instead of heading back or setting up at a local coffee shop to figure out your next move, check in with Badger Maps. Badger Maps allows you to create the most efficient route, tracks your mileage, and even pulls up potential prospects near you. Sell more and save time by owning your territory and your schedule.

9. Nimble: The social selling CRM
This isn’t a mobile app (yet!), but it’s a web app and syncs with other web apps that I love (like Gmail) so I’m including it. Nimble works where you work, saving you time so you’re not typing data into a dozen required fields. If you’re like me, then CRMs are one of those necessary evils, but Nimble is actually enjoyable to use. I love being able to see a prospect’s profiles (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn) all in one place. I have tried a ton of CRMs, and so far this one is my favorite.

10. Calm: Keeping a balance
Larry Bird is one of the best basketball players of all time and it’s no accident. When talking about his work ethic and how much he practiced, he stated, “I still wonder if somebody – somewhere – was practicing more than me.” Often, salespeople have a ‘first in, last out’ mentality.  While this work ethic is critical to success, it can be detrimental if there isn’t balance.  With that being said, Calm is the 10th (and final) sales app I would recommend. Calm is an incredible meditation app. Sales is a roller coaster, and you are bound to be stressed out at one point or another. Make your health a priority and manage your stress by making meditation a part of your daily ritual.

I hope this list will be helpful in your own sales journey.  Did I miss an app that has helped you find success?  Please comment and let us know!

Morgan Woodbury, Business Development Director

Morgan is the Business Development Director for Azul Arc. She has been with the company for over two years, and joined to take lead the positioning and sales strategy of Azul Arc\’s proprietary platform, inSITE. Her background includes experience in complex product sales and marketing, as well as managing valuable customer relationships. Her approach with clients is extremely consultative, and she strives to leverage technology to solve their needs. Morgan graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Professional Sales. She can be reach via email or by phone: 404.947.8105

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