Sales is not a bad word

You don’t hear many 10 year olds say they want to grow up to be in sales, but why is that? Believe it or not, almost every one of us is in sales. No matter what your profession, we are all a big part of the sales process (surprise!) and honing this skill early in life is a major head start.

Unfortunately, the word ‘salesman’ (or woman) holds a negative connotation for some, but there is so much to love about sales. A great salesperson knows how to ask the right questions to uncover the most complex issues, and then apply a creative strategy to deliver an appropriate solution.  In this process, a mutually beneficial long-lasting relationship is created.  The salesperson advances from ‘just a salesman’ to a trusted partner. This is one of the most rewarding feelings.  In order to continue helping both people and organizations, a great sales professional will be an avid learner, forever curious.

At the end of the day, everyone wants the same thing: happiness.  Most people find happiness and fulfillment when improving the lives of those around them.  Seldom does sales come to mind when young professionals are looking for a career to help make the world a better place, but it should. The foundation of sales is helping a person or an organization solve a problem that they have (or better still, a problem they don’t know they have).

Sales is a “sink or swim” profession and not for everyone.  However, it is a great profession to cut your teeth on, to learn the ins and outs of customer-facing problems, and to address market-facing challenges with creative solutions. Anyone who is willing to listen, problem solve, and hustle with integrity can be successful in sales.

Consider these two conflicting trends for new college graduates: one, the job market is increasingly more competitive, and two, a growing number of young professionals are graduating unsure of what they want to do. By encouraging more graduates to start off their career in sales, we are encouraging a future full of more strategic-thinking, emotionally intelligent, and hard working leaders.

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