Lunch and Learn Lessons

Lunch and Learn Lessons

Lunch and Learn Lessons: Ranging from Branding to Coding

Once a month, we gather together for a company-wide Lunch and Learn. Regardless of team, meetings, or schedules we all sit together over lunch to learn about – anything! One person presents on a subject they’re interested in, a cause they care about, or a side project they’re working on while the rest of us listen and learn over a catered lunch. Our lunch and learns are more than a monthly perk for us to look forward to, it’s an important statement about the values we share as a company and the environment we continue to cultivate at Azul Arc.

This month we had a few team members attend two General Assembly classes. we used this month’s lunch and learn session to share some key takeaways from these classes with the rest of the team.

The first class we talked about was ‘Advanced Social Media Strategies’ by Kevin Sandlin at General Assembly. The class was phenomenal and we would recommend taking any of his Digital Marketing classes. He uses insightful information which are completely relatable with the help of realistic examples to teach every portion of the class.

We all know the importance of having a defined brand and story, however one major key takeaways from this session that stood out was that everything starts with your BRAND (Audience, voice, message, goals, and channels mediums you use). While posting on different channels on social media, we sometimes tend to forget that everything we say and every interaction is a representation of our brand, and more importantly that there is an actual person at the other end of every communication. This leads to CONSISTENCY, it’s vital for companies to make sure the voice in which they share their message is clear to the audience. Putting some of his actionable suggestions into place like adding 2 hashtags, tagging people and adding locations has dramatically increased the reach and number of likes on our posts. (If you would like to learn more drop us a note here)

Jayme and Stacey, our Directors of Digital Products, attended a Mobile App Bootcamp class at General Assembly this month as well to further their product expertise. They enjoyed learning about some new tools in the field, while practicing their skills by developing an app concept in real-time. Instructor Shawn Johnson echoed our own views here at Azul Arc that design and usability are paramount – it’s the difference between apps that get used and those that don\’t. In mobile apps, Design and UX are just as important as your code.

Thinking about creating your own mobile app? We can help!

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