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4 Reasons Why You Need inSITE to Improve Onboarding

A new job means reading about processes and understanding how to be successful at your new role. You read so much information that often you have to go back and look for it, but it’s either hard to find or your information isn’t up to date, right?


inSITE made onboarding easy for me when I joined Azul Arc. Here are four reasons why:

1. Everything can be viewed on demand, at any time.

All of the content is available in an easy to read format with simple navigation on any device. I was able to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, and I can go back at any time and refresh my memory.

2. The search function finds what you’re looking for in seconds.

Not only is the search function able to search through content, but it searches for attachments, documents, and comments instantly. No more trying to remember where that template is located, or flipping through various loose papers. You’ll be able to fact check in seconds!

3. Users can ask questions directly on the app and get real time answers.

inSITE allows users to comment and tag people, similar to social media. This way, you can call their attention directly to the item you have a question about, avoiding a flurry of emails back and forth.

4. A handbook only needs to be created once.

As information and processes change, everything can be updated and edited directly on the app in real time. This means that everyone’s handbook will be updated simultaneously.

As Azul Arc operates using inSITE, it was also a great training opportunity for me to familiarize myself with the platform before I began to use it day to day.

Want to improve onboarding for your new employees? Learn more about inSITE here, our other proprietary products here, or email us to find out more!

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