How Visual Composer is Changing Post-Launch Development

How Visual Composer is Changing Post-Launch Development

2015 marks our 10th anniversary as a company, and to celebrate the occasion we are going all in on a fabulous makeover….for our website, of course.

Every redesign is a chance to look back on past mistakes (let’s just call them “opportunities”) and move on to bigger and better things. As an internationally-based company, one of our biggest opportunities has been in backend editing.

What we were facing

With a content marketing strategist (that’s me!) located in Atlanta and a development team posted up in Mumbai, we had to dig deep to find some way to make small recurring website updates easy for even non-dev team members to accomplish. In other words, how could I go into the backend of WordPress and make changes to content (for landing pages, etc.) without having to take our developers away from billable projects by asking them to do it instead?

How we tackled it

As someone who, like many of our clients, has very little first-hand development experience, it was important that we found a solution that would involve little to no coding on my part. Thankfully WordPress has a plethora of useful plugins to choose from, and we were able to find one that not only met our needs but which could potentially help out a lot of future clients.

Developed by WPBakery, Visual Composer is a page builder plugin that allows users to edit both the front and backend of their WordPress website, no matter what theme is being used.

We also found that Visual Composer provided an ideal solution for clients looking to regularly edit their own websites following deployment. For example, instead of having to pay a professional developer to add in headshots and bios every time a new team member signs on, users can go into the backend editor and easily duplicate and edit an existing entry in minutes.

Considering how important regular website updates are for keeping content fresh, pages functioning correctly, and customers coming back, having a post-launch development plan is a necessity. Visual Composer is an easy way for experienced (and inexperienced developers) to do that with ease.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you put your best foot forward with WordPress and Visual Composer.

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