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How To Choose A Web And Mobile Application Development Company

There are two main ways companies usually set out to develop a website or a mobile application for their company. Either the company forms an in-house development team, or it outsources the development of the platform to a software development company. So, do you build or buy?

One problem that arises when choosing to outsource the development of a company’s software is choosing the right software development company. We’ve been doing this for over a dozen years and are happy to provide our tips for finding the perfect development team to fit your needs.

In the past, it was customary to have in-house development teams. However, in-house development teams can be costly to build and maintain for many reasons; hiring a good developer, maintaining good HR personnel for the hiring process, as well as training and on-boarding new developers often takes time. Not to mention you also need to purchase equipment and the necessary software applications for the entire team.

It’s usually advisable for a company to outsource the development of its application to software development companies who specialize in the development of the application it needs, rather than spending valuable resources in hiring a specialist for a specific platform. Outsourcing the development of an application has several advantages. Some of them are:

  • It is cost effective:

    • You don’t have to spend money on an HR manager or buy software or equipment. Also, you would only need to pay the software company when they are doing work for you. Unlike with in-house development teams where there are idle periods between projects and the development team still has to be paid.
  • Better quality:

    • Software development companies tend to put in more effort into doing a good job to satisfy their clients. In order to exceed client expectations, a company will need to attract and recruit experienced engineers and designers who can understand the vision of the app and deliver the project on time.
  • More time to spend on core tasks:

    • Since the company no longer has to keep track of the app development by the in-house developers, it can easily focus on more critical tasks at hand. Before searching for a fitting software development company, you should make sure you understand clearly what you are looking for in your web or mobile platform. The budget for the platform should also be prepared beforehand.

When choosing a web and mobile application development company, there are certain things to be noted to avoid picking a company that doesn’t meet all your requirements.

Below are some examples of what to look out for when choosing a web or mobile application development company.

  1. Check out their portfolio

Before now, you might have already shortlisted some development companies based on what your platform, either web or mobile app, requires. The first step in determining which company is the right fit for you is to check out their portfolio.  Their portfolio is where you get to see the quality of their work, the variety in skills, the industries they work with and their design style

There are often links to the website or application where you can also test for some of the things you would like to see in your application, like responsiveness, interactive features, load time, etc.

2.Dedicated design personnel

One vital aspect of software development, which is easily overlooked, is the UI/UX of an application. If you have a functioning application with bad UI/UX, you will lose customers. Aside from the promised functionality of the app, a good user interface also attracts customers, while a good user experience retains them.

Be sure to find out who will be designing your application and whether they have specific user experience expertise. Do they offer wireframes or a prototype that you can test out before moving forward with development? It is crucial that the software development company you go for have dedicated people working on your design.

     3. Seek out reviews of past clients

Try to get the feedback of companies and organizations who have once used the services of these companies. A good review from a previous client goes a long way in assuring you of the quality of their service. A bad one saves you a lot of money and time. You can get these reviews by contacting past clients or checking out reviews on websites like Clutch.co.

     4. Defined methodology and processes

There are many development methodologies to choose from and you may hear the terms waterfall, agile, scrum, test driven development and more. The important consideration is how your prospective development firm educates you about their particular process and if it will meet your expectations. Our recommendation is an agile or scrum methodology that encourages iterative development and provides you with incremental features to test out.

They should also have processes in place to track progress and keep you updated on your project. Find out how you will receive updates and how much access you’ll have to your test environment. In our opinion, you should be involved every step of the way so there are no surprises.

5. Great customer support

Lastly, you should choose a company who is looking for a partner, not just a project. You’ll most likely be working with this company for six months to several years and it should be an enjoyable experience! Think long term and whether this company can provide you with the support you need, which may include security updates, basic maintenance, and adding additional features. Excellent customer support goes a long way in ensuring the smooth functioning of the app built by the development company.

Good luck!

Choosing the right software company is vital to prevent wasting time and money on a subpar application. Following the steps above will help you avoid investing in the wrong partner and get you to market quicker. At Azul Arc, we guarantee the services we provide are of the best you will find and we are happy to share our response to the points above. You can check our reviews of our service on Clutch.co

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