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Digitize Your Sales Playbook

In today’s selling environment, there is a growing number of challenges that prevent sales leaders from helping their teams to achieve their goals. From disjointed Sales and Marketing teams to slow or ineffective onboarding processes, sales reps end up spending more time on non revenue generating activities (approximately 32% of their time to be exact!) and less time actually selling.

We live in an extremely digital world so why is it that many sales teams still use static PDFs or paper-based playbooks? While these organizations are on the right track towards refining their sales process, static playbooks lack the dynamic capabilities needed to effectively close deals and hit targeted goals.

Leveraging new  tech-enabled Digital Sales Playbooks is an integral part of current selling strategies and serves as the go-to resource for a growing number of sales teams. Sales executives are self guided through best practices and have access to critical sales content when they need it the most.

By implementing a Digital Sales Playbook solution, sales leaders can also take advantage of analytical insights in real-time to quickly confirm how often resources are being used by sales teams.

inSITE has partnered with Jack Daly and Dan Larson to help ensure a successful launch of their new book, The SalesPlaybook for Hyper Sales Growth. This partnership combines the content, knowledge, and expertise of two industry experts and the inSITE technology platform to provide  a digital community for the sales leaders that purchase this book. If you want to learn more about the latest sales tips sign up for free here and get access to exclusive tools available on inSITE!

If you have any questions  or want to start building your own digital sales playbook, drop us a note today!

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