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Vector Global Customer Portal

Vector Global Customer Portal

Category / UX & Strategy Vector Global Customer Portal No matter how much you think your app is good the real test is when te user find it easy and efficient. Maybe that’s why User Interface and user Experience as a service is so important. We helped our clients here to recognise and develop a […]

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Category / UX & Strategy UrgyDoctor Whenever a new app is being developed the most important part is UI and UX strategy. Having a solid UX strategy in place helps ensure that a product team stays focused on solving the right problem for their target users. When you take the time to create a UX

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Category / UX & Strategy Rooster We worked with this client to handle there UX strategy. It lies at the crossroads of UX design and business strategy. It’s a plan of action on how to find out if the user experience of a product is aligned with the business objectives . It is used to

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Category / UX & Strategy ProSolve The pace with which IT is merging itself with the Education domain is amazing. One such great example is our this client, for whom we not only redesigned there existing website with latest content and technology, but right now is also one of our long term client. This development

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Category / UX & Strategy DynastyU DynastyU is a unique recruiting app for athletes that helps them with their college search. This unique app works as a connection between the athletes who are searching for the right college opportunity and the coaches who are looking for talented people in their field to train. With advanced

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