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Our Approach to Value Innovation

From the inception of Azul Arc, we’ve focused on creating value at the intersection of designtechnologybusiness for our clients. This purpose is woven into every aspect of our culture, and reflected in our vision, mission, and strategy.

The traditional belief is that you can create value for your customers by either offering higher quality or lowering your price. This perspective is based on deeply ingrained assumptions around value-cost trade-offs: you can’t have both.

Value Innovation breaks from this conventional way of thinking and looks at how we can add value and lower cost at the same time. This approach to creating value has been one of the founding ideas of our company, and continues to be a focal point of differentiation that we bring to our clients. Initially, we did this by building a global team to utilize top talent across the world. We then continued our value-add approach by embracing open-source methods that provide a cost-effective, comprehensive, high-quality option.

Today, our focus on Value Innovation has extended to creating proprietary products, technologies and frameworks that allow us to bring incredible value to our clients. Examples from our experience include:

  • Proprietary Technology: investing in platforms like inSITE that enable our clients sales and marketing team; and the redesigned vStudio that, through visualization technology, allows our clients’ products to sell themselves. These proprietary products can be used in their entirety or as component parts (and be delivered as a SAAS solution), to provide additional functionality cost effectively for our clients.
  • Proven Methods: our team has also developed proprietary processes like WP Blueprint that provides a researched, up-to-date methodology for designing and developing integrated, responsive websites. This gives our clients a head start in building out their online presence.
  • Components Database: With over a decade of experience in designing and developing digital products across a variety of platforms, we began to itemize and organize a technology components database. This indexed approach to digital development makes it more efficient and effective to estimate new projects, products, and features.

We have now spent years perfecting this model and aligning our methods and processes to deliver on this value. We’ve come a long way and continue to bring Value Innovation to reflect, refine, and retool not only our own business, but also our client’s businesses.

Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to value innovation and  building technology that builds your business.

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