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Announcing inSITE v1.5

In our line of work, there is no such thing as a final product. When you label anything as final, you are essentially saying that there is no reason to improve upon it; that it is the best it will ever be. How different would the world look now if Steve Wozniak had adopted this mindset after the first Apple computer hit shelves?

n all seriousness though, innovation is a necessary part of the business world for both achieving and maintaining success. We try to keep this in mind every day at the Azul Arc offices, and have dedicated quite a bit of time over the past few months to the success of one product in particular: inSITE.

What is inSITE?

inSITE is a browser-based content delivery tool that enables you to upload and share information with your team in real time. The latest version, 1.5, has several performance and feature enhancements to help improve user satisfaction.

What are the new features?
  • App Icon Bank: ability to select from various icons when creating new content apps
  • Clone Function: create surveys faster by cloning questions
  • Sort and Reorder: easily drag and drop existing content apps and reorder
  • Adding Media: easily attach documents and pictures from Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, Evernote, BOX, and OneDrive
  • Collaboration: ability to comment, like, and rate user-submitted content
  • Theme Management Module: customize the look and feel (font and color) throughout the app
  • Favicon: use your own company’s logo as the favicon

What are the performance enhancements?

  • Improved category management load time
  • Improved editor load time
  • Improved reset password feature

We are happy to announce that v. 1.5 is now available to all users, and look forward to continuously improving on its design and functionality in order to bring you a truly exceptional product.

Interested in learning more about how inSITE can help your business stay organized? Have a comment on innovation? Let us know in the comments below!

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