6 Steps to Building a Company Culture

Cultivating a professional atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and motivated is an important cornerstone in a long lasting business. It directly affects team morale, work ethic, and job retention, and is something that we have made a top priority over the years.

While we may not have an office putting green or cushy nap pods (not everyone can be on Google’s level), there are a number of things that we do on a regular basis that keep us connected and help contribute to a more enjoyable work environment:

Eating together :

Used to sitting at your desk alone during lunch? Not us. Potlucks are a regular occurrence, as are team outings to new restaurants around town. It’s the ideal time to catch up and connect with everyone about non work related topics.

Post-ice cream posing at Caffe Gio.

After work bitch, build, and brew sessions :

During B3’s, we make our way to a nearby bar and vent for an hour or so about our recent work-related difficulties. The catch? No one can come up with excuses or rebuttals to anyone else’s talking points — although you can support them.
Flexibility: On Wednesdays we wear pink. Just kidding! But sometimes when we don’t have any clients coming in, we kick off our shoes. So freeing. We also have the option of working remotely when we really need to get in the zone, and hours are flexible as long as everything gets done on time.

Double screening it at Parish in Inman Park.

Open door policy :

Have a new idea you want to implement? We don’t hesitate to disclose innovations to one another, regardless of seniority. After all, we can’t grow as a company if we don’t at least listen to ideas about change.

Man’s best friend :

It never hurts morale to have an office dog on patrol for when you need a quick walking break to clear your head (or to hand out a few scritches). Just watch out for the stray tennis balls.

Mila taking her role as tennis ball manager very seriously.

Staying healthy :

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. We have a dry erase board set up in the office with everyone’s fitness goals for the week. Smiley face if you meet your goals, frowny face (and well-meaning teasing!) if you don’t.

Smiley / frowny faces not pictured.

It’s interesting to note that nothing we do comes at a great expense to the company’s checkbook, but everything still has a significantly positive impact on our day to day experience around the office. With the low cost and high return, what’s the point in waiting to take your company culture to the next level?

Have a question about our daily office experience or want to share a few tips from your own company? Drop us a line below!

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