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4 Reasons to Love Design & Development – Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of the holiday, we are reflecting on why we love what we do. Here are the 4 reasons we love design & development:

#4: Variety & Adaptability

Software development touches on many disciplines, and successful design and development projects provide opportunities to discuss many other topics (ethics, psychology, politics, law, etc.). Of course there are specialists and experts, but to truly understand your end users, while meeting client requirements, and delivering safe and secure digital products, you often need to dig in, problem solve, and uncover answers from a variety of disciplines to truly understand and implement the end product.

#3: Diversity of Thought and Perspective

The software development field is incredibly diverse. Our focus is on delivering great, functional software, which transcends ethnicity, gender, age, disability, etc. Design and development benefit tremendously from diversity of both thought and background, and here at Azul Arc we are proud to recognize the benefits of our differences and diversity. Our team is unique. Our clients are unique. Together we are stronger and more collaborative throughout the entire discovery, design, and development process, which makes for much better implementation, as all users are unique and different too!

#2: Changing the World

Software has become a driving force in our daily lives. Two-thirds of Americans own smartphones and spend over 90 minutes a day on those phones. Without software development and developers, there would be no smartphones, no Internet, no social media, no screen sharing, no conferencing calling, no Uber (the horror!). Software developers and people in the technology industry are passionate about creating technology solutions to solve every day challenges – some as simple as finding a ride and others as complex and life changing as curing cancer. If you want to change the world, first you must understand it.

#1: The People

We work with some incredibly smart people, both inside and outside of Azul Arc, and we especially couldn’t do this without all of our wonderful clients and partners. You let us be an integral part of your business and watching you succeed is why we do this every day. We know what technology can do make your lives easier and your business more efficient and effective.  Your trust in our creative, technical solutions to provide you and your customers with the digital tools you need to grow is what keeps us going. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Our creative team designed these technology-inspired, printable Valentine’s Day cards. Feel free to download, print, share and enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone here at Azul Arc.

Say Happy Valentine\’s Day with these technology inspired Valentine\’s Day cards.

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