Using 3D Visualization as a Marketing Tool

One of the best methods to obtain marketing imagery is through 3D visualizations. In 2017 the idea of 3D visualization was starting to trend. Now used by marketers in many industries, 3D visualizations are becoming an expected facet of architectural products.

3D renderings provide the ability to create furnishings, people, textured fabrics, decor, shimmering surfaces, and customized features or easily changeable backgrounds.

These interactive images provide:

    • attractive content
    • engage traffic to your site
    • compel visitors to click, play, and learn more about your products
    • help convert visitors into customers

3D Content for Modern Customers

As technology continues to evolve, so do consumer’s expectations. As everyday lives become busier, the use of technology becomes ever-present as a way to provide efficiency and easy access to decision-making information.

As a result, 3D visualizations will provide efficient ways to show a multitude of options specific to the customer’s product choices. Whether a new or existing customer is working with you, these 3D renderings will show customer’s their preferred options in existing or new rooms.

Reality in 3D Rendering

The next best thing to being in an actual store is a visually stimulating presentation, a ‘wow’ factor, to help see proposed products. Some of the big box stores are already doing this with real and virtual showrooms because they have seen a significant increase in sales when they can show customers how the items will look in their intended setting. 3D rendering provide the same value, only in a virtual environment.

Creating interactive and more engaging webpages, social media platforms, virtual (web-share video/audio meetings), and in-person meetings will eventually become the norm. Be in the lead and provide customers the visual engagement important to their decision-making process. A post or ad that has a 3D rendering are also more likely to catch someone’s attention than a static image.

Architectural 3D renderings have the capability of providing additional features beyond static images such as animations, 360-degree views, and additional augmented reality. These functions are exceptionally good at creating a connection with the customer.

Secondarily, animations and extended views allow better visualization of spatial aspects of a room, hallway, or building before they are actually built or revitalized. For products such as specialty flooring, customization can be easily visualized for patterned floor tiles, laminate tiling, and carpet tiles.

Ask yourself… would you prefer looking at static 2D images or have the ability to interact with 3D content? Any business marketing products in the architectural industry requires 3D rendering to increase traffic and sales.

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