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3 Ways Facebook Graph Search Can Help Your Small Business

Sure, Graph Search can help you pick your next favorite Italian hole-in-the-wall, or which movie your friends think is a must see this coming weekend. But what does this mean for your business? Are you missing the boat when it comes to using this tool to its full potential? Take a look below and use these three tips to help your company grow in the new era of search.


We’ve all been there. You hire a well-to-do graduate out of a top university who has all the right qualifications on their resume, but just didn’t fit into the company culture. Facebook allows you to analyze a whole other asset before making your next hire. Character.

Unlike LinkedIn, Graph Search gives you the ability to compile a candidate’s hobbies and personal interests. Seeing as you (and your other employees) are bound to spend at least 8 hours a day with your new hire, you should be sure personalities align within your office to avoid any conflict.

Use your Existing Customers

So, you have all these Likes on your company page, but no one is sharing or commenting on any of your status updates. What’s going on? Maybe it’s because you’re not posting on topics that resonate with your audience.

Take some time and see what your customer’s like to do. If a large number of your followers like “Going to the Park”, then have your next post be about how your product can make their next trip special.

Bring in New Ones

Likes have never been so important. And since Graph Search let’s you search what your customers Like and what their friends Like, it’s never been easier to build an audience. Find what topics can engage the largest number of users. Ask questions in your updates to invoke a response or a call to action.

When your followers engage, then the post is more likely to show up on their friend’s News Feed as well (and so on, and so on). Make sure to have a picture in there too. Images and videos are the most shared posts on Facebook.

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