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3 Reasons Mobile Apps are Essential to Business

The number of smartphone users in the U.S. has risen steadily over the last several years and forecasts estimate that smartphone penetration in North America will also continue to rise steadily into the future. Studies show an average user spends 90 percent of his/her total time on a mobile
device in mobile applications. Mobile-friendly websites are no longer enough.

The statistic below shows the number of smartphone users in the US to reach a projected 270.66
million by 2022.

Reason #1 Mobile is the Norm

The reason most small and medium businesses are investing in mobile applications is simple. Because customers expect them. If your business isn’t mobile-friendly, you risk being left in the dust by your more tech-savvy competition. Imagine banking at an institution that had no ATMs.
Neither can anyone else.

Reason #2 Availability

Corporations are already taking advantage of the mobile app to reach customers. One reason is that customers no longer have to search the web to find you. Apps allow business to build their brand. Customers want easy access to data and an easier way to interact with your company. A mobile app is an opportunity to create a positive relationship with customers. And happy customers means repeat business as well as referrals.

Reason #3 Direct Link to Customers

You can communicate with your customers about new product launches, upcoming events, and other relevant information. This direct link provides a positive customer service experience and the ability to research your business or buy your product no matter the time of day. By adding map or social media integration, contact forms, payment options and email opt-in, your mobile app can greatly enhance your B2B’s marketability.

Key Takeaways

While a mobile app can take your business to the next level, simply developing an app doesn’t guarantee success.

  • Your app won’t be a success if your sole focus is functionality instead of usability. User experience is critical in your app’s success.
  • Your app will fail if it’s too invasive, too tedious or too complicated to use and will result in annoying your customers.
  • To ensure success, it’s critical to plan thoroughly; from understanding your customers to the app’s functions together with a visually compelling interface.

A mobile app will create a connection between your customers and enterprise as well as enhance the marketability of your brand. Everyone is looking to simply their busy schedules; your app can strengthen your brand’s relationship with your customers by providing an easy way for them to do business with you. Choosing the right software company is vital to prevent wasting time and money on a subpar application. At Azul Arc, we guarantee the services we provide are of standard quality which is why we have been chosen as one of the top 15 Best App Development Companies in the USA.

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