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About This Project

Digitally-savvy buyers are empowered with more knowledge today than ever before. Sales teams need solutions that are relevant and effective in the new world of business negotiation. Think! Inc. is a negotiation consultancy, helping Fortune 100 sales teams anticipate and counter of buyer behavior through a cloud-based online platform. This proprietary technology is a tool that houses, distributes and updates the Think! expertise that negotiators need to compete. Azul Arc worked alongside the leadership team of this consultancy to design, build, and manage a platform which Think! uses to teach and strategize with their clients. The customizable web application uses client inputs, combined with Think!s exclusive negotiation tactics to provide an approach on a per prospect, client, or opportunity basis to address 97% of buyer behavior. The web applications can use Salesforce data, or integrate natively with Salesforce to provide the best experience for Think! clients.