Azul Arc is an award-winning digital design and development company with a soft spot for good food and good people. We’ve been in the business of generating excellent products and repeat clients since 2005. This year marks our 10th anniversary as a company, and we are happy to say that over the past decade our original little ragtag team of developers has expanded to include a long list of multidisciplinary experts that are passionate about what they do in all aspects of life. Our specialty? Market-facing applications. (Though let’s be honest, we do love a good website redesign.) Our philosophy? If it’s not easy to use or implement, we’re not doing it right. Get to know us better over lunch at one of our favorite local spots.


Get on his good side with a nice meal and conversation. He has a thirst for knowledge and holds a BA in Economics from Bombay University and MBA from Emory.

Zahir Palanpur


Fashion forward with a knack for hosting fabulous parties. She has 20 years of experience in Interior Design and studied at the University of Wisconsin and AIA.

Adriana Palanpur

Design Services Director

One word to describe Felipe? Audiophile. He holds a BA in Design from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and has over 13 years of experience in the industry.

Felipe Cuartas

Creative Designer

Jayme has extensive knowledge of the health food industry and an unusual aversion to beer. She holds degrees in Business and Spanish from Wake Forest University.

Jayme Persons

Director of Digital Products

This girl really loves salads. But then again, what CAN'T you put in a salad? She enjoys learning new things and has a BA in Studio Art from the University of MD.

Stacey Warthen

Director of Digital Products & Design Strategy

You're likely to find her on a rooftop patio wining and dining it up (post-work of course). She studied Professional Sales at KSU and has a background in logistics, software, cloud services, VoIP, and fiber optics.

Morgan Woodbury

Business Development Director

Michael studied Mass Communication at North Carolina A&T State University with vast experience in SaaS, mobility, IoT and technical solution sales.

Michael Stanley

Business Development Director


Parvaiz plays various roles in the organization and is a master in simplifying complex apps and programs. He is a fun-loving person and great motivator, and holds a P.G. in e-Busniness, M.Sc in IT, and B.Sc in CS.

Parvaiz Patel

Managing Director

If it has to do with web and design, Ravi can’t get enough of it. He keeps everyone in the office in line and holds a B.Sc. in IT from Mumbai University.

Ravikiran Patil

Team Director

If there’s a more courteous guy wandering around, we haven’t met him yet. Irfan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Technology from the University of Mumbai.

Irfan Shaikh

Team Director

From motorcycle rides to beer runs, Ketan is a man’s man through and through. He holds a diploma in Film Animation and has six years of experience in the design industry.

Ketan Damle

Team Leader

She keeps the entire office working hard and does it with a smile. Her MCom gets put to good use maintaining the books, managing the HR line, and more.

Akshatha Bangera

Account Executive

We’re still wondering why he never went into modeling… Faisal maintains a positive attitude and punctual mindframe, and utilizes his B.Sc. in IT and seven plus years of experience on a daily basis.

Faisal Shaikh

Sr. Web Developer

The trick to keeping Amol productive? Turn programming into a competition. He loves building, especially when it’s for the web, and has a B.Sc. in IT.

Amol Adhikari

Software Developer

Affan is a full stack developer with a BS in IT. He is a competitive programmer with an aptitude for web development.

Affan Shaikh

Web Developer

His specialty is front-end design, with an interest in JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Node.js, and Web Components. He holds a B.Sc. in IT to back it all up.

D. Muthukrishnan

UI Developer

He has a B.Com and Certified Designing course from GNIIT, as well as five years of experience in front-end design.

Ubaid Ansari

UI Developer

Not only is he passionate about learning new technologies, he’s passionate about knowledge in general. Akshay currently holds a Masters in IT, but who knows what’s next?

Akshay Vekhande

Software Developer

One of the newer member of the Azul Arc team, Pooja has quickly proven herself to be an excellent asset to the team. She holds a B.F.A. in Painting.

Pooja Bhavsar

Graphic Designer

Crunched for time and need a some support? Resham has your back. She’s a fast thinker with a knack for exceeding expectations, and holds a diploma in Visual and Communication Art.

Resham Jain

Graphic Designer

Photoshop never knew what hit it the day Prithvi picked it up. He excels at creating top-notch renderings and has over five years of experience in the design industry.

Prithvi Shetty

Graphic Designer

It’s all about the details with this one. Mahesh is a fast learner and excels at understanding and meeting client’s requirements. He holds a BCA.

Mahesh Vaingade

Graphic Designer

The tinkerer. She has a passion for exploring the amazing things that brilliant minds make possible every day, and puts her BE to use on new web technologies and techniques.

Ashwini Jangetol

Software Developer

When it comes to new technologies, Mubashshara is a knowledge sponge. She originally joined Azul Arc as an intern and was such a hard worker we kept her on after she got her B.E.

Mubashshara Sayyed

Jr. Software Developer

Equipped with a B.Tech. in Computers and over two years of experience in iPhone development, Nivedita has proven to be a great asset to our development team.

Nivedita Sinha

iOS Developer

“Get it done, but always be polite about it.” That’s Shishir’s MO. He’s a passionate and committed engineer with a BE and over four years of experience in the industry.

Shishir Shetty

Android Developer
K Abhishek

A keen interest in business analysis landed him the job as Azul Arc’s quality control manager. Kumar holds a B.Tech. in Electricals is ISTQB certified, and is currently pursuing his MBA.

Kumar Abhishek

QA & QC Manager

Your go-to person for making sure that all of the kinks get worked out before project launch. Saaim has a BS in IT and puts it to good use every day.

Saaim Shaikh

Software Tester

With a great sense of humor, Ravish is also a strong iOS developer. He's extremely innovative at resolving problems and work flows with our newest apps.

Ravish Kumar

iOS Developer

Prasad is a new iOS developer on our growing mobile team. He has a Masters of Computer Application degree and a strong work ethic to match!

Prasad Lokhande

iOS Developer

As a recent engineering grad with a BE, Nabeel has a passion to learn new skills. He's already getting hands-on experience with several of our mobile projects and putting that programming education to good use!

Nabeel Rangari

Jr.Android Developer

Ankita is our very own software testing extraordinaire. Although she seems quiet, she packs a punch with her testing skills. She holds a BE in Computer Engineering.

Ankita Kasat

Software Tester

With a special interest in performance testing, there is no problem Neha can't solve. Besides being a testing enthusiast, she has a passion to explore and learn new things.

Neha Naik

Software Tester

Simon holds a degree in Graphic Design and 2D Animation. In his spare time, he enjoys sketching and is a tattoo artist!

Simon Hrangate

Graphic Designer